There are lots of ways to get money and if you are trying to earn money in an unconventional way, you may worry that you might not be earning properly. Online, for example, it might be that you are earning electronic currency rather than real money. Alternatively, you may work hard and then find that you do not actually get aid for the work that you have done. Therefore it is wise to make sure that the work that you are doing will actually result in you being paid properly.

To start with you need to check the terms of the job. It could be that you have some sort of contract or are working through a website with terms and conditions. Check these through to make sure that you are getting what you expect to get. If you do not have a formal agreement, then make that you discuss things as much as you can and try to have something in writing, even if it is only an email or text to agree the rate that you will be paid and when.

If you are working through a website then see if you can find others that have used it before and can vouch for it. You should be able to find information like this if you use a search engine as there are plenty of money making websites and blogs which will have this sort of thing in them. It is always worth trying to find a few different reviews so that you learn more about the company. These sorts of websites will also give information about similar sites where you can earn money and so you may be able to find out all sorts of useful information about good places to earn online. Again, read a selection so that you know that you have got an unbiased viewpoint.

If you work for a well-known company then you are far more likely to not only ensure that you do get paid, but get paid a decent amount of money. Doing work offline, rather than online also applies to this as well as you will be much more likely to be paid and could get more money too. You do still need to make sure that you can trust the person employing you even if they are offline as there is still a chance that they may not pay you for some reason. If they are a small business it could be more risky.

So the best way to make sure that you get paid real money is to ensure that you have a contract for the job that you are doing. If you do not and you are unsure then ask for some of the money upfront, particularly if you are doing online work, this can be something that employers will agree to. If they won’t pay upfront then ask for payment in instalments, as you produce part of the work ask them to pay for that bit.