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Have you been leveraging YouTube as a source of potential traffic, sales and leads? If not, than you are missing out to become a millionaire. I’m sure you think this sounds ridiculous but I can give you at least 10 examples of people who became millionaires publishing videos on YouTube and driving traffic to their website. Or they are just teaming up with YouTube and earning fat commissions.

It really doesn’t matter. There are literally 100 awesome ways to earn money with YouTube and there is no way you can explore each and every method. I’m sure that any method you choose will work because YouTube can not be over-saturated with videos and there is no niche that has to many videos. There will always be people who are looking for information that there is currently not available on YouTube. You can be the next person who will help them out and you can be the next person to earn money from them.

So don’t miss a chance.

In this post, I will try to give a few of my recommendations and few of my do’s and don’ts related to YouTube. I’m talking from my own experience and if you lean on my advises, you will reach success in no time.

Tip #1

Create a YouTube account with a catchy name and choose only one niche per account. This is actually two tips but they are both related to creating a good account. You need to do this right if you want to make your marketing efforts worth. You do not want to mix poker niche with traveling or cooking with making money online.

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Tip #2

Create a good looking account. Remove everything that distracts attention of your viewers. You do not need them to see friends list or anything similar. A link to your website+ videos on your account is a perfect combination. You can’t go wrong here.

Tip #3

Write awesome long descriptions. This has been working excellent for me. The longer the description, the better rankings. However, never put any annoying and unrelated text in your description because you are looking to rank for a specific keywords. This same rule applies for ranking on Google. You won’t write about dogs and dog healthcare if you are trying to rank for keywords like ”cats” or anything similar. I’m sure you get the point.

Tip #4

Get views from communities. If you just published your video on YouTube, you need to accept the fact that, if you don’t promote it, it won’t succeed. It will never get the amount of views you are looking for if you are counting only on good keyword placement you’ve done. So, start promoting. Start putting your links everywhere you can.

I hope you will start applying these tips and YouTube as a potential source of traffic and sales. It is amazing what you can accomplish with little effort and time invested.



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