Image courtesy of eltpics
Image courtesy of eltpics

It can be hard seeing others that are not so well off as us struggling or thinking about causes that you feel deserve money but you do not have any spare to give them. However, there are many ways that you can give to charity without actually having to give them cash and they will benefit as much, if not more from this sort of donation.

Many charities benefit greatly from people volunteering for them. This could be in a different number of ways depending on the charity or cause. You may be physically involved with restoration or conservation work, working in a shop, organising donations or organising fundraising events. There are many different ways that you could possibly help and if there is a specific cause or charity that you really want to help with, then get in touch with them and they will be able to let you know where they need volunteers to help them.

Donate things for them to sell
Another way to help is to donate items for charities to sell. Obviously only charities that run charity shops, will want these sorts of things, but there is a good range of medical, hospice, animal and foreign aid charities that have shops that you could potentially donate to. They will only want items that they can sell, so it is worth checking with them before donating things, just to make sure that you have the sort of thing that they are interested in.

Shop in charity shops
Another way to support charities is to shop in charity shops. There are many of these and if you buy from them, you will not only be getting bargain items but you will also be supporting the charity. It could be a good way of you getting cheaper things and helping out. However, do not be tempted to buy things that you were not intending to spend money on as this could have a negative effect on your finances.  Charity shops usually sell clothing, toys, books, ornaments and cards and some also have new items as well. Make sure that you look carefully at prices and only get things that look like they will give you good value for money. If you never buy the types of items that they sell or do not need them, then find a different way to give to the charity.

Make small monthly donations
One way to make charity donations more manageable is to make small donations each month. You could arrange a direct debit just after you get paid so that money goes to a charity of your choice or you could give bits and pieces of cash when you can afford it. It is important to realise that even small amounts of money add up so whether you are giving a few pounds or even pence it can be significant. You may also be able to think of a few things that you could give up each month so that you could give that money to charity instead.