Video marketing is fastly becoming the most important aspect of online marketing. With the growing use of online TV, and the impact of Android and the IPhone, giving consumers the opportunity to view their favourite shows and videos on the go, Marketers are exploiting it to its full potential. Video sharing websites are proving most popular and they don’t get any bigger than YouTube

Here is a guide so that you can make full use of your online video potential and exploit it by using the world’s biggest video sharing website.

Keep your videos fresh and current

By using YouTube, you have the opportunity to be seen by a huge audience. Make your videos innovative and direct. Making your videos different to your competitors will help you to stand out and attract new customers. Online videoing is a simple concept and is inexpensive. Many businesses will use actors or paid professionals to front their videos. However, fronting your videos yourself saves money, time and will give your video the personal edge. Consumers may find it easier to associate with a real person and this can maximise your exposure. Make videos on a weekly or monthly basis so that consumers can keep up to date with any changes you have made within the business or any news.

Share your videos!

YouTube gives you the option to share your videos through email and to friends, or in this case, customers. If your consumer finds your video appealing, they are more likely to share it with their own friends, thus broadening your exposure

Social media

YouTube has hooked up with websites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr meaning that more and more consumers can view your videos. Social media is the biggest way that people keep in contact, share and socialise online. It will increase traffic to your videos and means a more complex audience will view them.

Your YouTube strategy

A key element that should be taken into account is the four stages of the sales cycle.

These are:

  • Awareness and interest-create interviews, up-to-date news and imaginative content
  • Intent and purchase-include product and business development, seminars and statistics and success stories related to your chosen business


Bio: this article was provided by Custard Media, a digital media agency based in Preston, UK.