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Whiplash is the most common injury a person can get from a car accident. It refers to painful muscle strains in the neck and shoulders. If you have an injury like this due to somebody else’s careless driving, then it’s a good idea to claim for compensation against that driver. You should then be able to pay for your medical bills and any future treatment you need. Even if you haven’t been in an accident such as this, it definitely helps to be prepared. We’ll talk about how to handle your whiplash injury by going through it from the very beginning:




Call the Emergency Services


The first thing you should do after having been in a car accident, is call the emergency services if you’re well enough. Explain what has happened and they should be with you in no time. Don’t argue with the other driver or move anything from the scene – this all needs to be sorted out by the emergency services. You don’t want any cases to be made against you, either! When the emergency services arrive, they will check you over and tell you if anything is wrong.


Obtain The Other Driver’s Details, If Possible


Having the other driver’s details will help you to make a claim against them and prove that something really happened. If you have witnesses, then that’s even better. You can pass these details over to the police and they may begin to make a case against the other driver for reckless driving.

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Get Medical Help


If you haven’t already, explain to the ambulance or a doctor how you feel and they can help the best they can. It may be a case of taking it easy for a few weeks, or you may need ongoing medical treatment for your injury if it is severe. Make sure you get it. Follow advice from medical professionals, such as taking it easy and using pain relief techniques.


Keep Documentation


Keep documentation you get from your doctor in order to make sure the other driver is brought to justice. These documents are important as they will play a role in what happens to the other driver and the amount of compensation you receive. This post should give you an idea of when to claim for an injury such as whiplash. Don’t leave it too long.


Report the Accident to the Police


The accident should also be reported to the police as soon as possible. This may already have happened on the day of the accident. Double check to be sure they have it on their records.


Ask Someone to Help You


If you were with somebody, or know any witnesses, ask them to come forward and give a statement to the police, if needed. The more evidence you have, the more likely it is that the reckless driver will be brought to justice. You can also hire somebody like Poole Solicitors, for example, to put a claim in for you. Professionals will know how these processes work and make the experience as pain free and easy as possible.

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Bear in mind that you should only make a claim like this if it is true. Many people make whiplash claims to get money when there isn’t much wrong with them at all. This is the reason our insurance companies continue to push prices up each year and leave us out of pocket! You may also get in trouble if you claim to have injuries that aren’t really there.


I hope that justice is served and you get the compensation you deserve. Have a speedy recovery!



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