Image courtesy of Folsom Natural

It can be quite difficult to work out how you can help friends and family that are struggling financially. Many will not want to accept monetary gifts from you and it could mean that you will be looking for other ways to help them. You may not even feel that you can offer them money or that it will be the best way for you to help them anyway.

Having a good understanding of money and the best ways to save and borrow can be really helpful. If people have asked for help they may not want money from you but just advise on what to do in order to get out of their finances back on track. In this case you can buy them books or direct them to websites which could have the information that they need to help them out of debt and towards building up their savings. However, if they have not asked for help, they will not thank you for trying to do so. If you try to help them, they may feel that you are not only poking your nose in, but also criticising them and so finding alternative ways to help could be better.

There may be ways that you can give them money without them noticing. Giving them money as gifts or buying them things as gifts which are worth a fair bit of money and will save them having to spend could be one way around it. However, if they know what the value of those gifts are they may try to reciprocate or feel guilty that you have done this for them, so it can be a very difficult thing to do. You could of course post money to them and hope they do not guess who it is from but there is always a risk that they will guess and that it could have a negative impact on your relationship with them. They may also decide it was a mistake and give it to charity rather than use it themselves.

One way that could really help is to pass things on to them that you no longer want. This could be clothing, unopened food, furniture or anything else. Many people are only too glad to have things like this and if they know that you are looking for a new home for it, then they may not feel so bad about you giving it.

You could also point out places that have sales or items reduced that you know they buy. This could help them to reduce what they are spending and enable them to be financially better off. This could be done subtly by sharing the offers on social media if you think they will see it or saying in conversation that you had got things cheaply there to see if they then pick up on it and decide to shop there.

If you see a lot of them, then invite them round for meals or coffee and spoil them. Cook them hearty meals so that even if they are not having nutritionally balanced meals at home, they will be able to get them from you.