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Having children can bring all sorts of stresses for parents with education and careers being one part of this. It can feel very difficult as a parent helping your child on their way to the right career. Having to choose at quite a young age as to what subjects to study and therefore what career to go into can be very hard for them as well as for you as parents.

There can be different approaches to take. Some children know what they want to do for a career and therefore it will be easier to know what qualifications they will need to get there. Other children will be very good at certain subjects and so it will be best for them to pursue them. There may be certain subjects that children really enjoy and if they have enjoyment and enthusiasm for something they are more likely to do well and therefore could be worth them taking. It can be tricky to choose.

Having some experience of what it is like to do certain jobs can help them to decide. Therefore giving them information about the responsibilities and duties in certain jobs should help them to know more about them. You will be able to find this information online if you do not know it yourself already.

Encourage them to attend careers events and talk to people about their jobs and companies about things that they can offer. It is also wise for them to talk to family members about jobs that they do and have done in the past so that they get an idea of what sorts of jobs people do and what they are like.

Work experience can be valuable as well. Once they are old enough to get a job, doing something part time can allow them to know what certain jobs are like and how they have to act and behave once they are in the workforce. They will get to understand what it is like working with adults and perhaps customers as well. They may be able to spend a few days with a company doing work experience as well, to get a proper idea of what it is like to do a days work there.

One important thing to remember is that you can change careers. This means that if you feel you have made the wring career choice, you can retrain and do something else. It is worth reminding your children of that so that they do not feel under too much pressure to choose. It could also be worth delaying university until they are really sure of what they want to do because they could waste that time studying and then feel that they would rather have done a completely different course. If they are sure of what they want to do, then there is no need to delay but otherwise it is worth them working for a while to enable them time to think about what they would really want to do in the future and then they can get the qualifications when they need them.