Image courtesy of Duncan Hull
Image courtesy of Duncan Hull

Buying special offers can be a bit of a two edged sword. This is because we can get tempted to buy things that we may not normally buy or the prices are not reduced that much at all. It is therefore worth being very careful when you are looking at special offers.

The first thing to do when you are tempted by a special offer is to look carefully at the price. Check out how much it has been reduced buy and work out in real terms how much you will save. For example 10% off may sound great but if the item is cheap anyway the amount you save will actually be tiny. It is also wise to compare it to other brands and own brands as they may still be cheaper even if they are not on special offer. Consider whether this brand is the one that you really want or whether you would be happy to buy a different but cheaper one.

You also need to consider whether you really need the product that is reduced. You may just be tempted to buy it because it is cheap but think about whether it is something that you would normally buy. If you buy it and you do not actually really need it then you could find that you are actually spending money you do not need to spend. That is what the sellers want you to do, but do not be fooled!

If you are looking to buy a specific item, then is the time to look for special offers. Look at the different products available that fit your criteria and see which looks the best and then compare the prices. Once you have decided on which you want, then you need to see whether there are any special offers available. You need to look at different sellers and compare their prices to see which has it on offer for the cheapest price. Then you should take a look and see if you can find any discount vouchers online. These will enable you to save even more money so they are worth taking the time to look for, particularly if the item is expensive. You may also be able to find some cashback deals as well, particularly if you order online. If you are having it delivered, then make sure that you also allow for the postage costs as well. Compare these and make sure that the total cost is cheaper including this.

This can sound a lot of hassle, but if you are spending a lot of money, then it can make a significant saving. If you are buying cheaper items, then just make sure that you understand the offer and find out how much you are saving. Check that you really want the item and that it is a deal worth doing. Lastly try to work out whether there is a reason it is reduced that you need to be aware of, such as damage or a close use by date.