Image courtesy of World Relief Spokane

These days there is no such thing as a secure job. In the past you could get a job with a company and stay there for life or until your retired, but these days people move around jobs much more frequently and with redundancies being more common, job security is much lower. This means that it is more important than ever for people to all make sure that they have the best possible job prospects.

Obviously we have no control over what jobs are available, but we do have controllable over how employable we are. There are many factors that can make a difference to this as well. Everything from how we look to what skills we have can be a factor in whether someone decides to offer us a job.

The skills and experience that we have are most likely to be the things that could get us an interview. This means that they are very important. It can therefore be wise to make sure that we keep up with all of the latest developments in our field and do all the training that we can. If training is offered by the company you currently work for, then it could be wise to do it and keep your skills up to date, particularly if it is free training. Even if there is not training, it is wise to keep up to date with new things. You can do this yourself by reading online or looking at magazines so that you gain that knowledge. Although you have no formal qualification this way, you will still be able to talk knowledgeably about it during an interview. You could also consider paying for training courses yourself and it is also wise to look through the free online courses to see if there is anything you could do which would be useful for you.

Getting experience can be more difficult. Often you need work experience to do a job but they do not let you do it unless you have experience and so it can be a vicious cycle. One way round this could be to see whether a company would let you work in the role voluntarily, perhaps shadowing the person doing it , so that you get experience without them having to pay you. It is always worth asking.

It is important to make sure that you practice techniques with regards to filling out application forms, that you get a good CV together and refine your interview skills. These things can be taught and there is a lot of information online which could help you with this. You can even pay people to improve your CV, if you think that this would help you. How you present yourself in an interview could be really important though. Some people are much better at them than others and practice can make a difference.  However, it is also really important to look really smart, be enthusiastic about the job and the company and come across as if you really want that specific job, rather than just any job.