Image courtesy of Olle Svensson
Image courtesy of Olle Svensson

Buying apps can be a big expense. You may think that as they are cheap, they will not cost you very much money, but those costs can soon add up. You may find that you will be spending significant amounts of money, both on apps and in app purchases if you actually add up all of the costs of this. There are ways to keep the costs down though.

Firstly, set yourself a budget. Consider how much you can afford to spend on apps and make sure that you do not go over that much money. You may like a weekly, monthly or three monthly budget, think about what will work out the best for you. You may feel that you cannot afford anything at all and need to stop completely or you may want to just make sure that you have better control over what you are spending.

When you are looking for apps, look for the free ones first. It can be a good rule of thumb that you never buy an app to do a certain thing, until you have tried out all of the free ones first. This will take time and you may feel that they will not be worth it. However, there are a lot of really good free apps put there. Many will earn income through advertising in the app and they are not normally too distracting but worth it because the app is free. Some free apps do not even seem to have any advertising in them and they can even be better than ones that you pay for.

In-app purchases can be more expensive than the apps themselves. These can be for many different things, but the costs can really add up. Therefore it can be wise to think about whether it is worth spending this money. Think carefully about what you are getting for the money and how much you are paying for it. Consider how much pleasure you are getting and if this is worth the money that you are paying. If you are happy with the value for money, then that is great, but if not then stop paying out.

It can be easy to get carried away paying for things like this. If you want to take control then it can be worth making sure that there is no credit card associated with your app store. This will mean that you will not be able to spend money without thinking hard about it. It is also useful to do this if family members buy things without checking with you first or by accident.

It may all seem a bit boring, but if you feel that you are spending too much money then this is a way to control the spending. It is not too difficult to do either and if you are spending a lot on apps and in-app purchases, then you could find that it makes a significant difference to how much money you have available to spend on other things.