Image courtesy of Jonathan Kriz

Many people keep pets but with a lot of people struggling to make ends meet, the costs of their pets could put them into financial trouble. There are a lot of ways though that you can reduce those costs.

Obviously the costs of pets vary tremendously depending on the type of animal and its size. This will determine the cost of its food, bed and health care. It is wise before you get any pet to investigate the costs of it. Make sure that you allow for the cost of its food and home as well as considering what the vets bills could be. Although you cannot predict how much care it may need, you will be able to research which animals are more likely to get unwell and how much those treatments might cost. Larger animals tend to be more expensive and certain breeds are more susceptible to medical problems than others. If an animal is likely to live longer, then it will be more expensive to keep.

Once you have an animal then it is too late to research like this. However, you can still compare costs for the things that you buy for it. You may be able to change brand or retailer to buy cheaper food, for example or even look online to have it delivered for less. Buying in bulk can save money and if you have an animal that gets through a lot of food, this could be really economical.

Vets bills tend to be one of the largest expenses for most pet owners. This is because they are needed to deal with many things such as vaccinations, worm and flea control as well as illness. There is the option of getting insurance to cover these costs and this can work out well for some people. Of course, with insurance there is always the risk that you might pay in and not need to make a claim. There is also the risk that it may not pay out for the specific treatment that is needed or for the full cost of it. However, it does give peace of mind and if you are worried that you will not be able to afford a surprise vet bill, it can be a good way to spread the cost.

If you are looking for beds, bedding, tanks or cages, then it can be worth buying second hand. It is usually fairly easy to sterilize these sorts of things and it will mean that you can get a home for your animal without having to pay out for something new. You should find them for sale online, perhaps in local groups or in local papers. You could get a great bargain this way.

If a pet is becoming a financial drain, then it can be worth looking for help. You may be able to pass it on to a family member or friend who would like a pet and can afford one. This can be hard as parting with a loved pet is difficult and can be especially hard for children. However, by doing it this way, you could still visit the pet and you will know that they are in a good home.