Image courtesy of Banalities

You may not consider that going to work costs you money, you may just think about the income that it brings you, however, it may cost you a lot more than you think. When we go to work we tend to have to pay for things that we would not buy otherwise and these are the costs that add up and could possibly be reduced.

Travel to work can be very costly for some people. This will all depend on how much commuting you do and how you choose to travel. Using a bus, car or train will cost money, but you could save by car sharing, buying tickets in advance or traveling outside of peak hours. You could also consider walking or cycling, if possible to reduce the costs.

The clothing that you wear to work could be costly as well. It is possible that you have clothes that you buy especially for work, that could be more expensive or extra to the clothing you wear the rest of the time. Make sure that you look out for sale items and if you are in an industry where you can claim against the cost of work uniforms, make sure that you do. Also try to choose clothing that can be laundered at home, rather than dry cleaned, to keep the costs down.

Food and drink can be more costly at work. Many people choose to buy coffees form vending machines or in work coffee shops and to buy snacks and even lunch that way as well. Bringing in your own food and drink, could save a significant amount of money, as could making your own drink with a kettle at work, if there are any. Consider how much you spend on these things and you may decide that it is worth the effort of making yourself a sandwich to take in.

You may also find that your work expects you to look a certain way. This may mean that you spend extra money on haircuts, make-up and things like this. Although there is not too much that can be done to avoid these costs, you could find cheaper make-up and cheaper places to have your hair done so that it is not so expensive.

Some people have to pay a child minder when they are at work. This can be a really big expense and it is difficult to reduce this cost. If you put the child into a nursery it could be cheaper than employing one person to look after them. However, you will want the right care for them and the best that you can afford. It could be cheaper for parents to take turns in working part time or do some work from home so that they can share child care and do not have to pay someone to do it for them.

Some pay for a pet sitter while they are at work, particularly for dogs, that get bored and need exercise in the day. It may be cheaper to see if a family member or friend might do this for you for less or you may be able to return home at lunch time to do it yourself.