Image courtesy of Steven S.
Image courtesy of Steven S.

In the winter time it can be very expensive to keep warm. Putting the heating on can make a significant impact on how much we pay out on our utility bills and some of us may not be able to justify this increase in cost. There are things that you can do though, which will keep you warm without costing that much money.

Layering up in clothing can be a good idea, but you need to leave room to move. If you put on too many tight layers then you will not be able to wriggle your toes or move around very much and this can actually lead to you being colder. So make sure that you wear loose layers, although tucking in to prevent draughts is sensible. Tucking under a blanket may make you less likely to want to move around as you will have to uncover. Moving around can help to warm you up, so it may not always be the best idea unless you plan on sitting for a long period.

Just walking about a little bit can make a difference to how warm you feel. Going up and down stairs is particularly good for getting you warm. It can be even better to go out for a brisk walk. Although it will be colder outside than inside, if you get moving around quickly, you will really warm up. Climbing hills is great. You can also go to places that might be warmer than your home. Perhaps go to a coffee shop and read the papers there for a few hours or go to your local library and sit and read for a while. You can even just browse the shops as they are always really warm.

If you want to stay at home then it can be wise to close the doors so that just one room heats up. If you have a family and you all stay in the same room you may find that it heats up enough form body heat without having to put on a heater at all.

If you have a fireplace then an open fire can be a cheaper way to keep warm than putting the heating on. You may even be able to gather wood locally without having to buy it. You will need to be well prepared for this though as you will need to let it dry out before you can burn it well.

Having hot food and drinks can really help to warm you up so have hot meals in the cold weather and have lots of warm drinks. The energy from them will help to warm you up without you having to do anything else. Any food is a source of energy and will help to give your body the energy to warm you up, so if you cannot have a hot meal, then just eating anything could be a really good help.

A hot water bottle can also be a good way to keep warm, even in the day time. Keep it topped up with warm water and place it on your lap or even on your feet to keep them warm.