Have you ever asked yourself how come that bills go so up nowadays? Would you like to be able to cut them in a half, so that money would not run from you no more? Well, believe it or not, you are not the only one who has been asking the same questions over and over again. If you do not consume the same amount anymore, why do you keep on receiving higher bills as months go by? This question is consuming, since there are many sides of the story – you either get a higher bill because of you, or because of changing the way you negotiate things – and thus they have the right to charge you extra, without you even being aware of it. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see how to keep your cable bill low!

  1. Know Where you Stand

Before you make any call, it is imperative to know just where you stand – which means, you need to know what the contract contains and which are your options. If, for instance, you have signed for a full-package of $45 per month, and you have been let known about it, then the price should now come as a surprise. Still, if you feel that the price is higher than you have planned, then there is a problem that has to be talked over. After you have marked down each of these aspects, you can make a call and an operator will definitely take your call as soon as it gets there.

  1. Negotiate
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When you are in the call with the operator from the financial area, you can now start negotiating. There are various techniques that you can use – for instance, if you are a constant client of the company, you can add the idea that you have been with them for over 3 years, which means that you enjoy their services but you find them to be overwhelming when it comes to bills. In case they do not come with a better offer, you might migrate to a different operator, since they have better offers and better bills. In addition, you might look for some personal experiences people might have had with them, so that you can add from their personal negotiations some examples – for instance, I know for sure that the operator X managed to offer the same package for as low as $20, not $45 that they offer to you. Once you try this method, you might find yourself thinking that this is one of the best ideas to put into practice, since they would never wish to loose any of their clients. Trust me, it is all worth it – and by the end of the call, you will simply be amazed of what you will manage to achieve (a better offer and a way better price).

  1. Ask for Explanations

If your only interest in there is to find more about the bill, offer them any necessary information about yourself (and the bill) so that they can track it for you. Once they managed to find it, it is the best moment to ask for each and every piece of detail that is added to form the total checkout. Of course, there is no better way to do it if not with someone who is there to explain to you each point, aside with each sum in there. By this way, in case you find something outrageous, you can ask the operator why is it there in the bill and how can you get rid of it (considering that you are not using it, not at all!). Before you know it, you manage to catch their small and annoying stuff they are always inserting into the bill, just to make you pay more than you actually have to, for the services they are offering to you.

  1. Be Persistent
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While you are on the call, sustain your argument – and do not let them take the word. These operators are well trained and know how to make you agree with them, even though they might be offering you a smaller offer at a higher price. Still, one of their main points is to make sure that you are not leaving them – since it means that they will have less clients, which is not cool. Thus, in order to get the outcome expected, be persistent and always remember what your goal is. By this way, you will definitely feel amazed of what you will manage to negotiate by the end of the call. All it takes is some negotiation skills and you will be all set up – say hello to your new smaller cable bill, this time!


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