image courtesy of Pomo Mama
image courtesy of Pomo Mama
When moving house there are often a lot of costs which we do not think about until the last minute. However, it can be possible to keep some of the costs down so that the total cost of moving is lower than we may have predicted.

Friends to help with removals
Paying a removal company can be really expensive. Although they may take away some of the hassle, by packing things for you and driving it to your new location, you will have less control over things and it will be expensive. It can be better to pack things up yourself so that you know where everything is and can make sure that your most precious things are really well looked after. You can hire a van for a lower cost as long as you know someone who has a licence to drive one. Getting friends to help to carry boxes and rewarding them with a drink or take away at the end of the day can be a lot cheaper than paying a removal company.

Do some searches yourself
The solicitor is one of the most expensive parts of moving. It is possible to carry out some of the searches that they will do, by yourself. If you find out what needs to be done then you will be able to contact the relevant companies yourself and look into it without having to pay their fees for it. You will need them to witness the signatures though, when you sign the change of ownership documents.

Get a cheap survey
There are different levels of survey that you can get for a home. The mortgage provider will ask for a valuation survey to check that the amount of money that you are borrowing will be less than the value of the property. You may feel that this will be enough, but some people pay more so they can have a survey that is more in depth. It is worth considering whether you want one that is more in depth or whether you are happy knowing that the house is worth the valuation. Obviously there are advantages to knowing a bit more, but it will cost money that you could otherwise save.

Negotiate cheap mortgage fees
If you are getting a mortgage or changing your mortgage then make sure that you are not overpaying. There are often fees associated with mortgages as well as the monthly interest to pay. Make sure that the one you choose is not overly expensive and try to negotiate a better deal if you can.

Take everything you can from the old House
It is worth taking as much as you can form your current home to save you money on buying things. There are often costs when you first move in that you may no have predicted such as curtains, light shades, lamps and possibly even white goods if you left built in ones behind. Try to take everything that you are allowed to so that you can minimise the costs of this.