If you are a freelancer who is starting out or you’ve just established a company, chances are huge that you realized how tough is to land a client if you are new.

That is true. Every freelancer has been there. Being a novice in any industry on the world is exhausting, frustrating, time consuming, well… all the negative!

But why?

My biggest problem when I was starting out was the frustration I had, because I couldn’t land a single client for my business even if I had better skills than most of the people in my industry and they still had more jobs. Lot of people even had to refuse some of the jobs because they didn’t had enough time to complete them.

That was working really demotivating for me so I was losing faith. I was damn close to quitting and I realized I need a professional help. I start reading posts on the Internet, looking for a professional tip from an established business owner. Most of the advises were similar: take action and lower your prices until you get couple of initial jobs.

I was blind. I didn’t know that key to success was taking action. After few months of frustration, I finally realized. If I don’t change my attitude, I will never earn any money.

So I start taking action. I even start applying for some jobs where I was willing to work for free. That is the reason why I got so far and why today, I’m the owner of one of the most successful freelance companies out there- Marketing Fist.

But I would like to help you avoid working for free. Here are my tips that will be extremely helpful for you:

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  • Make a website- If you don’t have a website nowadays, you are nobody. No one knows about you and no one takes you seriously. Website will give you credibility, place to put testimonials and your portfolio.
  • Print business cards- Spread the word about your company. This is the old-fashioned way and it’s been replaced by using Internet and having Internet business cards. But, hey, printing those will leave an impression and could still land you couple of clients
  • Create a commercial- But not for the TV. That is to expensive. Create one for online video sharing sites like YouTube. You don’t even need to have skills to create videos. Record yourself few minutes on camera, and send it to someone for professional video editing. It shouldn’t cost you to much.



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