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Have you ever thought of learning a foreign language? Would it ever make your dream? If so, you and me are quite alike. Probably the difference here is that you stick to your plans, while I… find myself being distracted from the normal stuff. Or… not? Either way, we are here today to talk about a great guide on how to learn a foreign language in a year – a simple, smart and stick-to-it method you would definitely enjoy taking up in this new year! Make sure to stick to us and keep on reading and by the time you end the year, you’ll be developed in many ways!


Learn a word per day

If you want to keep a low profile while learning a foreign language, you can do that without ever say that you don’t have the time for it. All we ask for is you to learn a word per day – is that too much to ask? In a year, you’ll have 365 words which equals more than you would have ever thought you’d know!


Use Facebook to Find People to Talk To in the Same Language

Apart from the disadvantages of using social networks, the advantages are massive! When looking for learning a foreign language, the best way to keep the rithm is to find people who talk the same language – they would love to hear that, since you’ll make the effort for them – learn the language they talk in.


Repeat, Repeat and Repeat

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In order to make those words remain into your brain, repetition is utterly important. You will not make it if you don’t make use of them. For instance, you can take your best-half for a chit-chat in the morning while using phrases such as good morning or thank you. By this way, both of you will acutally learn the language and can practice one with eachother as days go by, until you will be able to keep such a conversation in the foreign language you have chosen.


Learn about their Traditions

One good way to learn a foreign language is by understanding their mentality. For instance, if you are heading for the Middle East, knowing their cultures and customs is a must in order to understand the language too. Those two are linked are seriously important to take into account, since it would be so easier for you to keep up with their traditions!


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