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Championing your business wins may come across as boasting to some but the majority of your customers actually love when the company they support are successful.

Customers love knowing that the business is growing. It tells them that they can expect great, new features to existing products and services, and a wide range of others in the near future. When they love your business and they know it’s moving forward, they too will become ambassadors of the brand.

Leveraging Business Wins

When your business wins an award or has been recognized by a major association you’re given a unique opportunity to build upon the buzz and create social media engagement.

The coverage:

·  Reveals your brand to a new audience

·  Gives you an opportunity to connect with other high-profile leaders in your industry

·  Improves employee morale

These announcements can be worked into a piece that can then get spun over to social media which will certainly drive discussions.

Your business can make an announcement of the wins, which can be as simple as introducing a new employee or product on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In this announcement you can angle it to kick start discussions by asking:

·  Followers opinion of the decision

·  What the business could have done differently

·  How they feel it will affect their lives

When businesses spark this engagement by sharing their wins they gain the benefit of hearing feedback and opinions from their followers which can later be used in research and development. The connection and association with other brands in the list can also encourage brand awareness which, too, leads to a revenue bump from new leads.

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If you’re unsure as to how businesses are using their wins to spark engagement then take a look at some of the following examples:

29prime actively updates their Twitter feed when they’re selected for an award and will keep their followers updated with any related news or articles. By posting engaging content and maintaining a close relationship with their followers, people will feel a stronger connection to that brand.

Twitter isn’t the only environment for sharing these updates …

Pat Flynn of fame regularly updates his Facebook fan page with his plans for speaking engagements. He will often share his experience while at the conferences and awards he wins along the way. Once it’s all over he will generally speak a few words about the experience, share a recording, and setup the next string of events.

You can start this social engagement on the blog, too …

Tom Ewer of does regular income reports of his business and publishes his results on his blog. This allows people to take a peek into his performance and see which wins he’s gained from the previous month. The discussion often finds its way to other platforms like Google+.

Take a moment of your time to check out these examples and see if you can begin applying the same strategies for when you make wins in your business.

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