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Already dealing with the money loss? Do you feel like no sum can be enough to enjoy the pleasures in life? If so, you are at the right place to get a better understanding over one of the world’s first problems – trying to live on a small budget, wherever in the world.

For years now, living on a budget in a big city has turned into a real life challenge to most of us. Whether talking about children or adults, trying to manage money for the sake of our goods is always a hard deal to accomplish. Here are some of our tips to give you a hand when trying to live on a budget in a big city – keep an eye on them, at some point you might find them quite helpful!

1. Be thrifty 

One of the very best and useful tips we got for you is to be thrifty – life in a big city is almost at all times a tough and harsh experience, due to the numerous attractions you got from point to point. In addition, if you do not keep an eye on your purchases, you might find yourself loosing your money and having nothing to pay on your bills – talking about which, in a big city go up to almost entire of your sallary! So, in two words, spend wisely and think before paying!

2. Use public transport at its best

Believe it or not, by taking up the public transport you actually get to save most of the money you would previously spend on gasoline for others modalities of transport. In addition, make sure to ask whether or not your job covers the idea of paying something more for you – such as paying you back the money you give to public transport. There are few of them who took up this policy, and if yours is one of them, why not to take advantage of that? Be clever and use your brain!

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3. Write down all of your purchases

Another great idea we have for you regards the note-everything-down process to help you see where most of the money are being spent on and where you should start save some. In addition to this point, by that you can always switch from one day to another for saving money for something that is really worth investing your money into, regardless on time.

These being said, above all, one of the most important aspect of living on a budget in a big city works on the psychological area – once you see what others can have, you are subconsciously induced into thinking why is that you have so little and you might fall into a deep depression in a matter of seconds. Still, if you have faith and work hard enough to survive in such a jungle, the success is ought to be yours in a matter of time!




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