If you want to start a business, then you may think that you need lots of money to do so. This is not the case though. There are some businesses that you can run with very little or no money whatsoever. However, if you do need money there may be ways of getting it without having to find I from your own pocket.
Free business
To start with it could be worth deciding whether you can start your business for free. It may be possible to start off by providing a service without having to pay any money. You could use free social media for advertising and even get free website if you wish and start form there. You may just be able to pick up freelance work without having to advertise at all and start to earn that way. It can take time to build up a business though and it is worth remembering that it will be a long time until you get paid as profits will need to be ploughed back into the business not paid to yourself. Therefore you need to consider that you will need some money to live off so that you can support yourself and potentially your family while you are building up the business.
Bank loan
There are many businesses that start with a bank loan. It can be pretty tricky though to secure a bank loan. They will want to see projections and business plans to show how you plan to make money so that they can be assured that you will be able to pay back the loan. You may need to show that you have the money to make a few repayments to start with even if the business does not make much money or even that you will be able to make every repayment without relying on business income. They will assess the risks and decide whether they think that you will be a good business to lend to. Banks can be reluctant to lend these days and so you will need to make sure that your paperwork is very thorough and that you can work hard to convince them that you are worth investing in.
Many people use crowdfunding to finance things these days and small businesses are no exception. It is worth taking a look at how other businesses raise money this way so that you can see whether there is anything that you can do to do it better. You will need to offer something to potential investors and show that your business idea really is worth investing in. You can organise this through different crowdfunding websites and it is worth comparing them to see which one might be the most suitable for you and your business.
Peer to Peer Lending
This is a form of borrowing where individuals will lend you money in order to make interest on their savings. There are quite a few companies that organise this and it could be worth looking into.