Making a website used to be quite difficult. However, these days there are many ways that you can make a website really easily. If you have money to spend, then you can pay someone to do the design for you, but if not, it is fairly easy to do it yourself.

Even if you have no programming skills and experience you will be able to put together a website. There are programs such as WordPress and Blogger where you can create a website which is simple to put together. There are even templates available so you do not need to design it, if you do not want to. You can make just a simple website or you can learn some techniques to make it more complex.

It is easy to find out how to use the website design program that you are using. There will be instructions within it to help you. However, you may find it easier to take a look online at websites of videos which have more detailed help for you. These will take you through step by step examples which could be easier for you to follow than worded instructions. It all depends on you and the way that you find best to learn.

It can be wise to start off by thinking about which websites you like the design of and then trying to do something similar without copying of course. Think about the colour, graphics and layout but also consider how easy it is to navigate, how informative it is and how easy it is for you to earn money from the site. You want to encourage the customer to make you money, perhaps by buying things, clicking on sponsored links or things like that.

It is also very important to think about how you will drive visitors to the website. You need to consider how they will find out about the site. Some companies will pay for advertising to generate visitors, but most small businesses or individuals cannot afford to do this and so need to think of alternatives. There are tips online about how to do this. These days social media is a great way to advertise. This is because so many people use it and so setting up some pages which are related to your website can be really useful. You will need to encourage people to like and follow the page, but start by inviting people you are friends with and post in relevant groups and pages without spamming and you can build up a following. Make sure that you post regularly, posting information that is relevant and useful to those that are following you, so that you keep them interested and encourage them to interact with you and hopefully make money for you. It can take time to build this up so you will need to be patient and just hope that something you post will be interesting to a lot of people and they will share it with others and it will help your following to grow. It is hard to predict what this might be and so try different types of things, pictures, videos, stories and text posts and see what seems to appeal.