The ironic thing is that if you set up a website which teaches people how to make money, you can make money from it as well. This means that all you need to do is to work out how to make such a website and you will then be able to start making money. This will partly be by following your own tips, that you give out on the website but you could also do it through advertisers and affiliate links.

Setting up a website is actually very straightforward these days. There are many platforms that you can use to set up your own website which are easy to use. Some people would choose to use a web designer to do it for them and this can produce a more professional looking site, but it is free to do it yourself and good web designers are expensive. It all really depends on your confidence in setting up your own site and whether you have the budget to employ someone to do it for you.

The great thing about the Internet is that there are tutorials on everything. This means that you should be able to easily find out how to set up your own site without even having to buy a book on it. If you find a tutorial, before looking at it and taking notice of it, look at the website of the person doing it and see whether you like it. If you do not like their website, then there is little point in listening to their tutorial really. Find one that you do like as there are a lot out there.

As well as finding out about how to make a website, it is really important to think about how to publicise it as well. Having a website is not good at all unless you get some visitors to it. Whether you are doing it to make money or just to show others how to make money themselves, then you will need people viewing the site. This is why it needs to be different, visually pleasing and informative. However, even with all of those things it cannot succeed unless people know about it and then visit it. The only way to achieve this is through promotion and so you will need to learn about promotion and how to promote your website so that you get the visitors to it that you need. Some people pay a lot of money for promotion, but it is easy to throw money away on ineffective adverts. It is wise to start by doing the work yourself, spreading the word about the site on social media and linking to interesting articles on your website, to see whether this will help you to get visitors to the site. You need to attract the right type of visitors, those that will help you to make money form the site. It can be hard to guess who these people are but think about targeting your traffic rather than just encouraging loads of visits form people who are not interested and will not stay on the site for long.