It is easy to assume that if you have a website then it will make money for you. However, there are many websites that people can choose to look at and they do not all make money. Having a website is not enough to make money, although it is a start.

When you are designing your website it is important to think right from the start about how you are going to make money from it. This is because the design of your site may help you to make that money. For example if you are selling things then you will clear and obvious links to your shop page and if you are getting revenue from advertising then you need to think about where to place those adverts so that they are clear but not annoying. It is also important to think about who you are expecting your customers to be and what will appeal to them. Lastly, consider how easy the site is to navigate, read and see on all devices.

Once you have a website you need to encourage people to visit it. Even if you register with all of the major search engines, you may not find that many people find your site. This is because you may not feature that high in a search engine and people perhaps do not use them in the same way as they used to. These days many people are using social media to find out about things that they are interested in. This means that you need to think about how you will interact with social media and which social media sites you think will be most appealing to your potential customers. Using more than one is probably wise as you will have a chance of catching as many people as possible and it is possible to link accounts so posts that appear on one, also appear on another. It is important to post regularly with things that are of interest and try to encourage people to like and share so that you get as much exposure as possible.

Other marketing techniques are also worth thinking about. You will need to think about what might work well. There is a lot of marketing advice online and it can be handy to learn about this before you make the website and so you will know exactly what to do when you launch so that you can do the best things for your site. You will need to keep working at your marketing as well. You will not be able to relax once you start getting traffic to the website or making sales, you will need to continue with the marketing so that you can keep encouraging visits to the website. Unfortunately traffic does not grow automatically and so you will need to continue to encourage it. Keeping content fresh and adding to it as well as this will help the site to be found more easily by search engines.