It’s 2015. A lot has changed in the world of Internet. Most businesses are already on the web, why isn’t yours? People with small businesses tend to think that creating a website costs tons and tons of money.

In reality, it doesn’t. You can actually set up a website by yourself and on a really low budget aswell.

I hope this article gives you the little boost to start your own.

People have been coming out with new CMS’s since 1996. CMS – Content Management System – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla… I’m preaching WordPress since I think it’s by far the most easiest and user-friendliest way to set up your own website.

More than 30% of the websites run on WordPress. If you wish to learn more about the facts of WordPress, check this article by ManageWP. Here’s why I think WordPress is a super-awesome platform to build your website.

1) You don’t even need to know the basics of coding.

2) WordPress is a free CMS and has a BIG variety of themes to choose from. When I say big, I mean HUGE.

3) You can add content just by logging into your WordPressdashboard.

4) You can set the whole thing up in just under 30 minutes. Your website will work on mobile devices and has a professional look to it.

For a beginner on a budget I would advise you to go for WordPress. It’s just easier and can be a fun process.

What about the free website builders?

“Why would I pay if I can create a free page?”. Well, there are a couple of reasons why I’d suggest you to go for a self-hosted website.

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– You have a lot more control over your website. If you make a website with Weebly or Wix, they can delete the site with no warnings because they own it. It’s built on THEIR website.That won’t happen with a self-hosted website.

– A much bigger variety of options, regarding design and the overall customization of your website.

– You’ll have your own domain address. If you will not buy the hosting nor domain, then your site address will have an unprofessional look to it. (Example:

Setting up a self-hosted website is not that difficult as it sees at first glance. People who are not tech savvy tend to think that setting up a webpage can be a hectic process. It’s not!

I promise you, it will be a fun thing to do. It will grow on you. Plus, you’ll gain a lot experience from the process.

Step by step process

Firstly, you need to choose the Web Hosting package for yourself. Choosing a reliable Web Hosting company is really important. Be sure to do a little bit of research before making the choice.

Mostly it will cost you about 3-4$ per month. Ofcourse there are more expensive options, but I wouldn’t recommend them at the start of your web developing process.

Once you’ve chosen the company for the Hosting package, you need to think of a catchy domain name. It has to be memorable to get recurring visitors.

Got one? Okay, purchase the domain too.

Now wait for the confirmation email, click on the link and confirm your email. Log into your cPanel and add WordPress. Add a theme and you’re ready to go!

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If you wish to see a video that goes through all the process of tweaking your WordPress, check this video on youtube:


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