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If you suddenly need some money, perhaps to pay an unexpected bill or if you need to replace something that has broken, it can be a big cause for concern. You may find yourself panicking and wondering where the money could come from. It is possible that you may feel that borrowing is your only option. However, you may find that you have more options available than you may think, without having to borrow anything.

Sell something
It may be that you have things that you could sell. This could be anything from clothing you no longer wear to household items. It is easy to sell things online through social media groups or auction sites and you do not always have to wait long for them to sell and for you to get the money. The lower the price you charge, the sooner the items are likely to sell. You could always sell a lot of different things at a car boot sale or something like that. This can raise a surprisingly large amount of money if you pick the right sale and a day when the weather is good. It can be hard selling things for prices far lower than you bought them for. However, if you are not using them, then try to think positively as to the benefits of having the money from them.

Ask for extra hours at work
It may be possible that you could get some extra hours in your job and earn more that way. It is always worth asking if there is some overtime available so that you can get extra. There may be a quite a few weeks until you get the money, depending on when your payday is due. Some companies will give you a partial advance on salary in certain circumstances, so it might be worth asking about this. This could be enough to help you out without working extra hours.

Find an extra part-time job
If you need more money on a more permanent basis then finding an extra part-time job could help. You will need to check that you are allowed to do this as some companies will not let you do an additional job alongside your main job. This many not give you money quickly, but could help you to save up for future emergencies or to pay off any money you might have to borrow.

Do some freelance work
It is possible to find freelance work quite easily online. There are a number of websites where you can sign up, put in your CV and then apply for roles. There are many different skills required as well and you could find jobs that are quick to complete which will pay you the money very quickly. Once you get a few jobs, then it becomes easier to get more as well as many people want more than one piece of work or recommend you to others wanting similar help.