Image courtesy of Praveen
Image courtesy of Praveen
Most people enjoy giving gifts, but if you do not have a lot of money, then it can put a strain on the finances. There are ways though, that you can give gifts without having to feel concerned about the cost.

A handmade item can be cheaper than buying something. Giving someone a piece of artwork you have done, a poem you have written, an item that you have made can mean a lot. It can take a lot of time to produce something like that and you will need some skills but it can be very much appreciated by the recipient. If you therefore have the time and the skills, then you can produce some gifts that will be very special, very personal and cheaper than things that you could buy in the shops that would not be as special.

Buy in the sales
It is always worth trying as hard as you can to get good value for money. It is likely that you will have a specific budget to spend and therefore you could buy items in advance from your budget. You will be able to get more things or something worth more money if you buy it when it is available at a reduced cost. It is also worse to shop around, compare prices, once you have decided what you want to get, so that you can buy the item at the best possible price.

Save up in advance
If you do not want to buy things early, then you could start saving up towards the gift early. This is particularly useful if you have several gifts to buy in one go. It is worth setting a budget and then working out how much you will need to put aside each week or each month in order to save up enough money to buy what you need. This can be more sensible in some cases than buying gifts in advance because you may spot something better for the person and regret buying early or you may want to wait until more seasonal items are available.

It is worth considering repurposing things that you have. If you are given gifts that you have not used, then you could pass them onto others. It is important that if you want to do this, you note who gave it to you so that you do not pass it on to someone who may find out. You also should make sure that you store it carefully so it stays in pristine condition.

Buy Less/Nothing
Many people are struggling financially these days and so may all be looking for ways to cut down on spending. It can be worth discussing with friends and family that you may each other less things or not buy at all. It could be that you do them a big favour that they will not have to spend out so much money. Some people will not be willing to agree to this but others may.