Image courtesy of Cheryl Foong
Image courtesy of Cheryl Foong
Many people enjoy going to a coffee shop these days. You often see lots of people in them having a good drink working away on their laptops. This can often make us feel that we should be able to do this as well. It looks like it would be possible to make a lot of money doing this and so you may want to know how. Below are a few ideas on how you might be able to make money this way.

Online surveys
There are lots of websites these days where you can do surveys online and make some money. The pay out is not huge, but it could be something you could do in a coffee shop to earn some extra money. It takes very little thought as well, so you can still relax and enjoy your drink while answering interesting questions about yourself. This can be lots of fun and it is possible to earn some money each day doing this and you do not need any specialist knowledge or training, you just need to be honest.

Freelance work
It is likely that many people are doing some sort of freelance work on their laptops. There are many types that you could do and many sites online where you can pick up this sort of work. Just consider what skills you have and what sort of work you would like to do and have a look. You may be surprised at how many jobs are available and what sorts of areas they are in. Of course you may be able to pick up work in other ways, perhaps through social media or word of mouth.

Use free electric and wi-fi
You will be saving electricity by plugging in your laptop in the coffee shop as well as using their wi-fi. Although this does not strictly earn you any money, it will be saving you some money and so mean that you will have less to pay out. By using their wi-fi it means that you will not have to pay for your own using your phone or dongle.

Work there!
Of course you could always get a job at your local coffee shop and you could earn money while you were there that way. May not look as much fun as sitting at a laptop but it could still be a way to embrace that culture and earn money at the same time. If you have entrepreneurial spirit you could always start your own coffee shop!