It can be great to think that there are ways that we can make money without actually working. However, there are very few people that manage to do this, or at least that manage to have a fully passive income without doing any work at all.

Many of us will get some money without working for it. It might be that we get some benefits, such as child benefit perhaps. Some people will get some interest on their savings or maybe return on investments that they have. This can generate a small income but it is unlikely to be enough for any of us to manage on.

Those that have lots of money might invest in funds that can pay them an income because they have so much money to invest. They may also buy property to rent out to make money or buy businesses which they can make money from. Most of us do not have this sort of money and may also not be prepared to take this sort of risk even if we did. We would certainly want to do some research before investing vast sums of money or even small sums of money.

The best alternative to this is to do something that you really enjoy to make money. Think of a job that you feel you will find to be a lot of fun and that you will enjoy so much that it will not feel like fun. Some people might choose to monetise a hobby that they enjoy, for example. They may make things and then decide that they will sell them in order to make money. There may be some work that you really enjoy as well and if you can find a job doing that then it may be a really relaxing and fun way to make money.

Some people do things like selling items to generate some income which is not the same as a conventional job. This can be much more relaxed as you can do it from home and if you sell items that you own which are no longer needed you will not even have to buy stock. If you do decide to buy stock you will have to think about where the money will come from to do this and whether you are willing to risk money like this. It is worth doing a lot of research about what others are selling, how much you might be able to make and how you will attract customers before risking buying a lot of stock.

These methods may not necessarily make you a great deal of money though. It is unfortunate but it is conventional jobs that will pay you the most. This means that you will need to work hard in order to get lots of money. Sadly there is not really a way around it unless you have lots of money to invest, are willing to take risks or are lucky and find a job that you really enjoy.