It can be intriguing to see people making money from their websites and wonder how you might be able to do the same thing.  In some cases it looks obvious, that they have an online store in their website and make money selling things. However, even making money like this is not easy and there are other ways that you can earn as well.

Some people choose to have advertising on their website and they earn money from that. Although this sounds like it would be easy, it is actually harder than you might think. Finding advertisers can be tricky, although you can use a large company that will place ads on your website but they will only pay you if someone clicks on the advert. This means that not only will you need to attract a decent amount of visitors to your website, you will also need to hope that they are the sort of visitors that will click on advertisements. An alternative is to find the advertisers yourself and charge them for a link on your site. They will want to see statistics though from you as they will want to know that their link is being seen and also that your site is popular. They will also want the content to be updated regularly to attract visitors to return to the site or to catch the eye of new visitors.

Alternatively some people put affiliate links on their websites to make money. These work by visitors to the site clicking on them and then buying something as a result. There are many individual sites that you can use for this or you can use larger sites that can give you links to a selection of websites so you can pick the ones that you think your website visitors are most likely to click so that you can try to make the most money. These will depend on you having links to items that your visitors will be interested in buying and enough visitors to build up enough commission for you that you will be able to cash out. Often you have to accumulate quite a lot before you can cash out and so you will need to rely on a lot of people making purchases before you will be able to get your money.

Some people simply use their website to advertise their business. Then they would make money form the customers that they would attract through it.

With all of these ways of making money from a website it is important to understand that they depend on traffic. You need to make sure that there is a lot of visitors so that you have an opportunity to make money from them. This needs to not only be lots of visitors but ones that are interested in the types of things that either you are selling, you have links to or you have adverts for. This means that you cannot just work on attracting traffic but you want targeted traffic that will enable you to make money. Getting this is tricky and can be expensive. However, if you keep adding to your site, have social media pages where you post regularly and work on spreading details of your site to friends, family, in email signatures and on your social media pages, hopefully you will start to get the right people.