Image courtesy of Anne helmond
Image courtesy of Anne helmond

Social media is something which most people use these days. Businesses are also using it to help themselves make money. In fact business which are not using it are getting left behind. There are ways that you could use it to make money as well, whether you run a business or not.

Get a page and promote it
If you have a business then set yourself up with a business page. Add interesting messages or links to blog posts to try to encourage people to visit your website or buy your goods or services. Ask your friends and family to like the page and then like and share as many of your posts as possible so that you get more exposure. Show visitors to your website how to find the Facebook page and vice versa so that you can send traffic back and forth. You should find that it will be a way that you can more easily contact your customers as once they like your page they will see posts that you make and it will remind them to visit your website.

Put in affiliate linked posts
It is possible to get paid for advertising other people’s products. Some companies have affiliate schemes where if you provide a lead on a sale they will give you a percentage back. Investigate which companies do this and consider where you might be most successful. Think about the people that are friends with you on social media and what they might be interested in. You can then try to encourage them to buy those things with posts that you make.

Use it to advertise things for sale
There are social media groups where you can buy and sell things for free. These can be great for looking for items that you could sell on at a good profit as well as for listing items that you want to sell. You could make money selling all sorts of things that you no longer need and if they were goods that you bought for yourself, you will not have to declare the income. You will not have to pay any fees for selling or banking costs either. You will only have a very local market though and may need to deliver the items. If you have items that are very valuable it may be more worthwhile to put it up for sale to a bigger market so that you can potentially get more money for it.

Hunt for jobs
It is possible to find work on social media. You can have a look out for companies that are hiring and make sure that your profile is suitable for that type of job. Look at their pages and get involved, commenting on their posting and getting to know more about the company. This will help you to get a feel for the culture of the company and know what is going on with them so that you can find things to talk about in your interview or on your application form.