There are lots of ways of making money online but many of them are not free. However, if you do not have any money to invest, then you will be looking for ideas to make money for free. Fortunately there are some options for you.

If you have any specific skills that you would like to use, then you may be able to find some freelance work that you can do. There are websites where potential employers can advertise and they can be a great place to look for work. There will be many different types of work and so it is likely that you will find something that you like the look of and that you will enjoy. These websites tend to protect employer and employee, although they will take a cut of money. It can just add some trust between the two parties and provide a platform to look for work. There are other places to look for work as well with prospective employers choosing lots of places to advertise including message boards and forums. However, if you pick up work directly with an employer, you will need to make sure that you feel that you can trust them to pay you. It could be that you ask for half the payment in advance or produce half of the work and ask to be paid before you complete it.

There are many sites online where you can do small things to earn money. You can do surveys, for example, watch videos, do small tasks and you can be paid for doing them. You will find that these small jobs just have small pay but they can be fun. The tasks are also things that you do not have to do which means that if you need work that is flexible, then this will be the best thing for you. You can just take on work as you have the time and it will not commit you to doing anything else in the future. An exception to this will be sites where you have to accumulate a certain amount of money before you can be paid. You will need to do a selection of jobs in order to earn enough money to be able to request a payment. Most sites would not have a deadline on this though, so there would be no pressure to complete the tasks quickly, so you could just do it in your own time. Obviously, the sooner you did them, the sooner you would be paid though. Sites do differ in the minimum payment and so if you feel that you would take a while to build up some money, then you could choose a site where there is a smaller minimum amount before withdrawal.

Selling things online can also be a great way to get some extra cash. If you have items you no longer need, then you can list them for free on some social media pages and other sale pages and if they sell, you will be able to make some money this way.