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I write this post for all of you who need to make money while reading this post and need to learn how to make money online now.

Right in this moment you need to make money fast and today, not tomorrow, not in a week or a month.

Forget about all those methods where you need to have traffic, need to promote yourself, someone’s product, or to advertise your product in order to sell it and make money online.

That’s hard, that’s complicated even to experts, and that’s a time consuming.


Somebody somewhere wrote: ” We can always make more money but we can’t get any more time” so think about it. The next list is created with your time in mind, if your time is limited and you need to pay back money to someone or simply to pay bills tomorrow.

Then these websites will be a great help, what I did is went through all of my articles I wrote here, and the ones that are still drafts. And collected the website where you can make money with limited time on your hand.

These website will help you to start making money right now, even after reading my post, so enough time wasting, here are websites:


Make Money Selling Tickets Online – one of my old articles but method is still in use. Sell tickets you have for concert, football, or soccer game, sell them online, this can make you fast money, since people are looking for tickets just on those websites. You can easily make extra money and sell your ticket for higher price.

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Best Sites To Make Money From Writing –  The list of websites where you can write an article for someone that needs content and get paid immediately, it’s easy as that… write and earn.

Make Money Online With Fiverr – Fiverr is just amazing,  sell your services for $5, and most of the jobs that you will need to do for $5 are not time consuming, they are mostly some short tasks.

20+ Sites To Make Money With Your Photos – If you by any chance have some beautiful photographs that you took, you can use these sites and sell your pictures. You will be amazed to see what kind of popularity and money one unique photography can bring to your business and your pocket.

Best Sites to Make Money Selling Your Music – If you know how to create music and really good audio sounds then you can earn huge bucks with this option. Sell your music and make instant cash.

Get Paid To Drive – Get paid to drive your car wrapped up in advertisement. You can make up to $400 with this method.

Make Money Renting Your Car – This one is my favorite, if you have a car that is just collecting the dust in garage or you will not use it for couple of days, you can rent it online.  Set the price and collect the money, the drivers will take care for gas and other things.

Make Money With Airbnb – Rent Your Space – Rent your spare room, living room or three house and make money. Some people are even doing this full time, they rent their space from day to day, week, or even a month, one of the fastest and most secure ways to make money online now.

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Get Paid to Tutor People Online – You set the price, the time and use the website to make money tutoring people, fast cash and you help younger generations in acquiring knowledge.

Make Money Selling Your Old Gadgets – If you have some old gadgets that you don’t use anymore, sell them to the buymytronics and make money.

Sell Your Hair Online – Sites To Sell and Buy Hair – This is one of the most interesting way to make money fast, set the price, the amount of hair you’re selling and you’re done.

Get Paid For Your Advice – Share The Expertise – social marketplace for real-time advice, where you can sell your expertise and time, sell your advice, this is maybe one of the fastest ways to make money.

Solve Problems.Win Contests.Make Money – On the site, people will look for different type of help from logo design to website slogans, submit your idea, get votes from your friends or online community and collect the prize after winning the contest. Choose the contest that are ending that same day so that you can earn fast cash, after all it’s what this post is all about.

Get Paid For Challenges You Do With – this one is funny and really good, you will do challenges that people will post on uwont and you will get paid after you submit video on the site.  You can make money in a second, try it out.

How Students Can Make Money With Wheelz – If you are student and need quick cash, you can rent your car using wheelz and pay for your bills or anything you want.

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Make Money As a Dog Runner – become a dog runner, make money fast on daily basis.

UrbanSitter – Where Babysitters Are Making Money – become babysitter and make money, this can be really good source of fast income for young people.

Sell Your Textbooks For Cash – They’ll pay top dollar for your books, sell them now.

There you go, websites where you can make money fast, I know that list is huge, but it will help you finally to make that cash that you need fast.

If you have some more suggestions or you would like to add something, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.


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