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When you are into Internet Marketing, feeling desperate is becoming normal which is not good. Frustration often causes desperation and that became really popular among Internet Marketers. I know that because I was feeling same when I was starting out.

I just couldn’t make any money and I was working full time in my chair. The problem that appeared is that I was running out of money, I couldn’t invest more into my online business and absolutely nothing was coming out.

How did I felt?

You can only imagine. My worst nightmare coming true. I was close to losing all I had in my life. I knew I needed some money immediately but I simply couldn’t do anything about it.

I was wrong. Soon enough, I realized I could do a lot about it. I just had to roll up my sleeves, get in a better mood and start thinking simpler.

What does that means?

Yeah, we all complicate our situation to much. Sometimes, we find a harder way to do something rather than choosing the easier one which is right in front of our eyes.

I can understand that and that is the reason why I decided to create this post. I will try to create this post as a guide for all the people who are feeling desperate and can’t make a single penny online. I will divide my post in couple of rules you will need to follow in order to make money. Any method you choose along with those rules will work.

Rule #1 : ”Roll up your sleeves, don’t take no as an answer and never get discouraged” 

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This needs to be your attitude. Just because someone told you that sitting in a chair and earning money online is easy, it doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s far from that.

I know that whole point of working online is to have a freedom but if you can’t follow up with all the recent investments, then just start freelancing for others. I believe that’s the simplest way to earn money online.  But one thing is true. If you don’t have good attitude and strong will, freelancing will be pain in the ass.

The truth is: There is so many business owners who are not willing to do simple job such as data entry, formatting a book, creating a book cover, doing SEO etc.. You could easily do their job and earn money.

Freelancing probably won’t make you rich. But it will keep roof over your head and food in your plate. And some money to invest in some other projects as well.

Rule #2: Quit whining about how tired you are

We all face obstacles. Get over them and keep living your life. If you let obstacles run over you, then you will feel and live as ”nobody”.  How do you deal with those obstacles will define who you are and how successful you can be.


Rule #3: Go out! 

Establishing a successful online business is what you are doing but it shouldn’t be your whole life. Don’t say NO to your friends all the time just because you have work to do. They also have work to do but they are trying to find time for you also. Appreciate that.

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Also, you can have a brisk walk or a quick meal outside. Get your mind cleared for sometime.



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