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These days, everyone seems to preoccupied with traffic and backlinks. Whilst Google is undoubtedly an important traffic source, getting on the first page of search results for a particular keyword isn’t everything. Many people think that if you can’t rank highly on Google, you might as well give up and try something else. This simply isn’t the case. Some people are making proper money online whilst completely ignoring search engines, and that’s with article marketing. We’re going to look at how you can too.

What is article marketing?

Article marketing completely bypasses search engines and more traditional traffic platforms. In essence, you work to publish quality articles on top blogs and web-zines. Whilst this has been going on for a while, most people think of it as simply a way to build high-quality relevant backlinks. It’s known as guest posting. This is the case (and it helps serve as an additional side benefit), but it’s not the main focus of article marketing. The aim is to build up residual traffic by getting clicks from each blog you publish on. If you multiply the process over lots of different blogs, then your traffic should grow as more and more people click through.

What’s so good about article marketing?

The benefits of article marketing are therefore two-fold. You get traffic to click on your link, but you also get relevant backlinks, which should help boost your rankings as well. It’s like guest posting, but with a stronger focus on blogs with high traffic rather than throwaway seo articles that are only for Google’s bots (and nobody expects anyone to read in the first place).

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That’s why the sort of blogs you’re going to be looking to publish on will be slightly different when compared to guest posting simply for the sake of backlinks. Many guest posters never really think many people are going to read each particular article. They’re just for backlinks. Good quality backlinks at that, and arguably much more desirable than some sort of cheap backlink spam – but still something few people are going to read. A good blog for such a strategy would be a high PR one, with little regard for how many actual readers it gets.

In contrast, article marketing needs blogs that get plenty of real people reading them, because that’s the traffic you’re trying to get. Theoretically, a blog could have a PR of zero but might get tens of thousands of unique visitors each week. The residual benefit of boosting your backlinks or improving your search engine ranking is secondary. You wan’t real people to click the link in your byline, and as many of them as possible. That said, quantity is important but it isn’t always everything. Quality, targeted traffic is also important. That’s why you focus on relevant blogs.

That’s also why quality content is important. Throwaway SEO articles might work for backlinks, but you want real traffic from real people. Make sure the blog fits your niche and that the target audience is relevant. Some article marketers link back to their site or blog whilst others will direct traffic straight to a sales page or affiliate link. Either way can be successful.

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Article marketing can be a great way of getting the benefits of highly relevant contextual backlinks whilst also succeeding in getting quality traffic straight away. Competing for Google rankings can be a competitive process that isn’t always successful. Focussing on actual traffic from other sources can be a great way of forgetting about search engines and starting to earn money.

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