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There are so many programmes on the television these days about people making money out of their old antiques, it can be tempting to think that this is something that is easy to do.

Firstly it is worth noting that antiques experts have been working in their field for a long time and they still do not know everything. This means that if you want to make money form antiques you will need to do a lot of study and research and you may still find that you do not know enough.

Antiques is a field where things change. Items that are fashionable at one, time may fall out of fashion and then their value will drop. The opposite can also happen where an item may suddenly become desirable and fashionable and its value will go up. This means that as well as having a basic knowledge, you also need to keep constantly up to date with what is changing so that you are on top of the current fashions.

Antiques is also a huge field, where there are many different areas to know about. There are paintings, furniture, china, toys and cars, to name but a few and it is easier to specialise in one area as there is less to learn.  If you are interested in making money from antiques then it could be wise to decide on one area that you are most interested in that you could specialise in.

If you have antiques that you wish to sell and make money from then you need to do research on how to make the most money. Some people may sell online and others choose auction houses, but you could sell directly to an antique shop or even to a customer. You will need to find out which might make you the most money and how you would go about selling using those different methods. It may make more selling directly to someone who wants one but it may take a long time to find that customer. The best method to sell could depend on the item and you will need to take into account any costs such as transportation and commission.

Of course you may rather buy antiques and sell them on. This takes a lot of research and skill and you will need to know where the best places are to buy them cheaper and to sell them at a high price. You will also need to consider where you will store them and whether you will want to restore them before selling them on. You will need to do a lot of research and training first and work out exactly how you will do things. It could be a lot of fun and there is the potential to make a lot of money but you will have to have the ability to buy things cheap and sell them for a high price and hope that the profit will cover the costs involved with transporting and selling them.