Image courtesy of Jason Howie

Most people have a social media account these days but many do not use it to its full potential. It is easily possible to make money out of social media if you want to but a lot of people either ignore the opportunity or do not even know that it exists. If you are looking for some extra money then social media could be the solution that you are looking for.

There are actually a lot of different ways that it is possible to make money out of social media. You could sell things, promote things or start a business. There are a lot of possibilities out there.

You could choose to sell things that you own or buy or make things to sell on. Either way you can sell on various groups on social media which have been set up for people selling things or you can set up your own page and sell through there. There are not even any fees for doing this and it is really easy to set up. Either look at instructions on the site itself or hunt through the many online tutorials which will show you how to do it.

You can set up a page or use your personal profile to promote things. This could be things that you are selling or to get commission on sites that sell things. You can also use it to get affiliates or referrals for sites that you might be signed up to such as those that pay for doing surveys or playing games.

You can set up pages on some social media sites where you are able to provide information about a business that you may have. You can promote that business and encourage people to like the page so that you can give them information and advertise things. You can run this together with a website or just have the social media page, depending on what you think might be best for the business that you have.

There are many ways that you can potentially make money this way but you do need to be careful. You do not want to spam your friends and family with adverts and so it can be wise to set up a page to promote things and invite friends and family to like and share. They will be able to decide whether they want to do this or not and they will be able to opt out if they do not find it of interest after a while. If you keep it together with your personal page, they may get annoyed by it and may decide they do not want to follow you any more or they may decide that they want to have less to do with outside of social media as a result of it; which would be a shame. So it is wise to give some thought as to how you do things, perhaps how you set them up to start with or how you change things as you get started to make sure that you do not annoy people.