Lots of people make money by selling things online. In the past it used to be from selling on auction websites but these days there are other options as well, where you can sell things and make some money.

You can approach selling in two ways. You may have items that you no longer want and need and wish to sell those on. However, some people make money by buying things that they then sell on. This means that they have to declare profits to the tax office and they have to run it like a business. Selling your own unwanted items works differently and does not have to be declared.

If you are selling unwanted items then you would normally expect to get back less money than you paid for them. They may be things you have used and no longer need or want. They could be children’s items they have grown out of or things like that. These items are unlikely to be highly profitable and you will probably not get back more than you paid for them. However, you can at least get more money back than you would if you just threw them away. If you are buying things to sell on then you will be looking to make a profit. You need to make sure that the costs of buying the item, selling the item and packaging and posting the item (if necessary) will be less than you are selling it for. You need to also make sure that you sell everything that you buy so that you are not left with unsold stock.

There are many places to choose from where you can sell items online. There used to be mainly auction sites but now you can sell with other online retailers or social media pages. You could even set up your own website to sell things from. Which you choose could depend on how much you have to sell, what you have to sell and whether you are thinking of making a business out of selling. If you only have a few things, then setting up a website will be a waste of time and money. It will be much better to find another site to sell through. However, if you want to establish yourself as a business, it could be worth setting up a website, although you may feel that a social media page is more relevant these days and to the types of things that you are selling. You may need to consider whether you should have several social media pages across different platforms and even if you have a website it could be wise to be active on social media as well.

Choosing the right place to sell can be tricky. There will costs associated with selling and you will need to factor this in when making your decision. Also consider what sorts of things are sold in those places and whether yours would fit in with that potential market. It may be that you think you will have a lot of competition but potential customers are more likely to search on a site that they know has those sorts of things.