There are many people that use stock photos these days. Most news stories will have a photo associated with them and if they do not have a picture their photographer has taken they will use a stock photo. Photos are also used a lot on websites, blogs and social media and so they are something which are very popular. There are people who manage to make money from these photos, but how do they do this?
Sell photos they have taken
If you are a photographer then you can make a lot of money out of selling photos that you have taken. You can sell them online in a number of different ways. You could choose to set up your own website and sell them through there. However, many people choose to sell them through other companies websites. This has an advantage in that the sites are well-known and people will already visit them to purchase photos and so may come across yours and buy them. You will not have to worry about marketing the pictures or paying for a website and domain name and so will save money and time. However, you will have to pay commission on the sales and you may even have to pay to have your photos on the site, so it is worth checking this out. Compare the different sites to see which of them has the best commission rates but also consider which you think might generate the most sales for you. This could be based on reviews of the site, the site traffic and the professionalism of the site. Some sites will want to check the photos before they list them and will only accept pictures up to a certain standard so you will need to make sure that you fit in with their requirements.
Sell photos others have taken
A different to go about making money form stock photos is to sell photos on behalf of other people. You could set up your own website and allow people to list their own pictures for sale. You would need to do a lot of marketing to build up a reputation and make sure that you could get enough customers and photographers in order to make it work. Getting a good set of photos to start with would encourage more customers which would encourage more photographers and so if you have photos that you have taken then they could be a good place to start. It could be good to give some of yours away for free to start with so that customers could get to know how things work and what to expect and then hopefully you will built up sellers and buyers and will be able to start profiting. You will have to work hard on finding a way to stand out from other similar websites though, perhaps find that unique selling point, have a lower price, great customer service or something else to make sure that you can stand out and succeed.