Having a bank account is often something you will end up paying for rather than making money from. However, there are things that you can do, not only to make sure that you do not spend out money but to make money from the account.

Do not go Overdrawn
Going overdrawn is very expensive. It can be easy to go overdrawn too, if you do not keep a close eye on what your balance is and spend more money than you have, perhaps by drawing out cash, using a debit card or from a direct debit or standing order, you will go overdrawn. An overdraft is charged at a high percentage and there is often a charge per day that you are overdrawn. The worst part is that you may not even realise that you are overdrawn and could potentially have transferred some money from another account and avoided the fees. So it is really important to always keep a close eye on your balance all of the time, perhaps by visiting the bank, using an ATM or using online banking and making sure that you keep a minimum amount of money in the account just in case you need it.
Avoid Charges
Avoiding other charges is also really important. You may find that you are not only charged for overdrafts but for other things as well. Some banks charge for extra statements, for example. You may also pay a change for holding an account. These can come with benefits such as insurance and other perks. However, it is really important to make sure that you make use of those benefits s that you are getting good value for money. Check how much you are paying and how much you are using. Think about whether you could get better value for money by using a free account and paying for those benefits.
Find the Best Interest
Interest is probably what most people think about when they consider making money out of their bank account. However, they may not realise how many options there are out there and what a difference just a small difference in interest can make. It is important to also look at savings accounts and the differences between them. If you want higher interest then this will be available if you are prepared to tie your money up in an account or give notice before you withdraw it.

However, there are also some current accounts which offer good interest at the moment, although you are limited in how much money you can earn interest on and you will have to use the account as a proper current account, rather than just opening it in place of a savings account and not using it. You will need to have direct debits in it and have your salary going into it. It could be worth considering holding more than one current account though to take advantage of this interest, if you can afford to. You could have separate ones split between husband and wife, for example which could be much better than having a joint account as you could benefit from the interest in both. For example, if interest is only paid on £3000 then you could have one each, keep a balance of just above £3000 split your direct debits between them and have one salary going into each account, or if you only have one salary, have it going into one and then some of it being paid into the other account to cover the cost of those direct debits and to benefit from the interest. It could be complicated, but once it was set up, you would not need to worry about it.