If you do not have very much money to invest but still want to make some passive income, then you may wonder where to start. It will not be so easy as for those that do have spare cash, but there are things that you can do. It may be worth talking to a financial advisor, but below are a few ideas that you could consider to start with.

Start Saving
It could be that you need to start off by saving a little money each month and then you will have enough to invest in the future. It may seem like a bit of a pain doing it this way, but it could be the only way. Most investments need a fair bit of money put aside in order to be able to use them and so you may need to build up a lump sum first. Getting into the habit of putting some money aside each month can be worthwhile anyway.

Invest a Little
You may find that you can find some places where you can invest just a little bit of money. You do need to be careful though as investments can have fees which may be high in comparison to the amount that you are investing. These could be fees per transaction or monthly fees or other charges, so you will need to find out what these are and make sure that you feel you will be getting good value for money and that it will be worth you making the investment despite the costs and the small amount of money that you have to invest.

Make Some Extra Money
It could be wise to make some extra money before you start. Perhaps you can sell some things, work some extra hours, start a business or try something else to generate some extra income. This can soon add up and could then give you a decent amount to invest with.

Find a Partner
One way to afford an expensive investment is to find a partner to invest with you. If they can provide half or even more of the capital required then you can find an investment to work for your both. You will have to come to an agreement as to what you will invest in, how you will share the profits, how long you will leave the money invested and things like that before you start.

Use a Fund
It may be possible for you to invest in a managed fund which does not need so much of an investment. You may find that because a lot of investors contribute to the same fund It will mean that you will be able to put in a relatively small investment and still be able to invest.