Pay per click is a type of advertising that is done online. You will basically pay for an advertisement which you hope that will result in an increase in sales.
What is pay per click
Pay per click advertisements appear on many websites. They could be in the form of text links, banner ads or other types of advert but they mainly come in search engines, as sponsored listings. If you click on the advertisement, the advertiser has to pay a charge and the person that clicked will be taken to a website, usually one which is selling them something. Advertisers like this way of paying for advertising because they do not pay for exposure, which could lead to nothing, but actually when someone clicks on the advert and visits their site. This is more likely to end up in sale for them, although conversion rates can be low.
How to set up with pay per click
To start with you will need money; you will need to have an advertising budget and as you may make a few mistakes to start with it will need to be fairly high. You will also need a product to promote of course. You may have a website where you sell items, you may sell through another website or you may make money through commission or affiliate sales. Whichever applies to you, you will need to focus on what it is you aim to do and set up a landing page where people who click on the advert will then be redirected to. It needs to have all the information that they might need, fairly briefly with the opportunity to get more information if they need it with clear and obvious links to buying the item. You will then need to decide which advertising avenue to use. There are a few main ones run by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft but there are others as well. Once you have decided you need to start learning. Go online and find articles and ebooks about how to make money with this particular company. There will be lots of free information out there and it is worth making sure that you take in as much as you can so that you avoid wasting money.
How to make money from pay per click
The basic way to make money is to make sure that you spend less money on your advertising than you gain in sales. To start with you may not be able to achieve this, as you experiment with different techniques, tweak your landing page etc, but you should soon start to see some success. It is really important that you precisely monitor what you are doing so that you know whether it is working and making a profit. You need to be very aware of what your competitors are doing as well and find ways to stand out from them. It will be likely that you will need to adapt and change from time to time as your customer base may change as well as your competitors and even your product.