Hello to all. Since I’ve started blogging here on makemoneyinlife.com, I really didn’t tried hard to publish instant guides on making money online. I was mostly focusing all my posts on long-term success in specific areas in Internet Marketing. This post is going to be about making money with PPD and if you use tactics I’m going to write here, you will be able to earn money immediately. No specific learning curve, no crafting skills… Just invest time now and earn money!

Okay, but let’s start with the basics.

What is PPD?

PPD stands for Pay Per Download and it became pretty popular way to earn money nowadays mostly because it’s very easy to use and it can’t be saturated. I’m currently not focusing my efforts on making money with PPD because I still think that methods related to this area of IM are reserved for starters and most of them can be considered a bit ”black hat”.

So if you like quick money and have zero problems against earning money with black hat techniques, follow this post to the end.

Why PPD is so easy?

You get paid when someone downloads your file. That’s why! There are currently billions of people searching for a specific file on the Internet. If you offer them a quick download with a survey they need to fill, almost 90% of those people will accept it. Do you know how much money you can make?

Another good thing about PPD is that it doesn’t require any initial investment. You only need to sign up with the network, upload files and promote them. That’s 3 steps that separates you from money.

Best networks you can join:

1. Cleanfiles.com

2. Filebucks.com

These are the 2 best networks I recommend to anyone. It’s pretty easy to sign up and the process only takes couple of minutes. Getting signed up to these two is best because they are proven to be great at withdrawing money and have quality support.

Once you joined, then it is all about uploading files and promoting them. You choose what files you are going to upload and you need to figure it out this part. Knowing what sells and knowing what people are looking for are two key factors of making money with PPD.

What sells good are eBooks that uncover some great secrets, or some programs that couldn’t be found on torrent websites. This worked great for me when I was starting out and I have few friends who are still doing this.

Regarding promotion; I’m recommending you to try with uploading YouTube videos and linking them to products. This is pretty effective method but videos gets deleted because they violate rules so creating multiple accounts from different proxies is necessary.

To your success!