It may seem these days that many people have degrees and therefore they take all of the best jobs and there are few opportunities for anyone without one, outside of poorly paid roles. However, there are many ways which you could get a job equally as good or better than someone with a degree even if you do not have one.

Get a degree
You could always get yourself a degree so that you can be the same as those with them. It is worth remembering that you can do one at any age and it is possible to do them part time, so you could still work if you needed to. You may be able to get a loan to pay for it and this could help you to afford it. You then may be able to pursue the career that you really want and make the extra money. However, there are ways that you can still make money without having to get a degree at all.
Do training
It is worth considering whether there is any other training that you could do that could improve your skills and therefore mean that you can make more money; something specific to your career or the job that you would like to do could be more valuable than a degree. It is worth noting that very few people actually have a degree and vocational qualifications or training very specific to the job you want could be a better way to lead your career towards one that attracts a higher salary.
Set up on your own
If you want to give yourself the opportunity to make more money then it could be good to set up on your own or start a business. You will not need to worry about your qualifications, although there will be a lot of learning to do, it may not be the sort of learning that you would gain from getting a degree. You will need to be self-motivated be prepared to work very hard and be prepared to learn things like book keeping, marketing and law. However, there are many people who start like this that are able to improve their income without having to get a degree.
Rely on Experience Instead
Some employers are quite happy to take people on based on their experience rather than their qualifications. If you have already proved that you have the right skills for a job, the right qualities and experience then there may be no need at all for you to have a degree to show that you can do the job. It can give you an advantage if you are competing against other people who have the same experience plus a degree but the longer you work and show you have  the right skills, the more likely to are to be able to secure well paid jobs without having to have that degree. You  will have three years more work experience than a graduate of your age and this could count for more than a degree.