Investing can be a really great way of making money. You can get income in but you do not have to work for it and therefore it is called passive income. People do this by investing in stocks and shares, funds  and other things. However, if this is not something that you want to do, then there are other ways of making money passively without investing like this.

Buying Gold
Gold is something that many people buy when other investments are fluctuating. As it does not drastically change in value, people see it as a safe place to put their money. As it is safe, it means that you are unlikely to lose money by buying it, unlike other investments such as shares. However, as the value does not change a lot, it means that you will not get a great return when you sell, although there is a chance the value will increase in the long term.

Buying Houses
Houses are an investment but often seen differently. Buying the home you live in will save you money on rent and may give you something to pass on to your children. However, it could also be sold to give you some money when you need it. If you buy a second home, then this is more like a standard investment. However, the risk may be seen as lower because houses do not go down in value that much in the long run. Although prices do fluctuate, they will normally rise, unless there is something structurally wrong with the property, the area floods or the location suddenly becomes undesirable.

Buying Antiques and Art
Buying antiques and art is a way that some people spend money in order to get more back later. They hope that the items they buy will increase in value so that when they do decide to sell them, they will find that they get back more than they paid for them. This can be risky because taste does change and so items may not necessarily rise in value and your money may be lost. People generally advise that those doing this should get things they will use and enjoy so that they will get some value out of it even if they cannot sell it for more money than they paid for it.

Buying a Business
Buying a business does not have to be as expensive as it sounds and it does not even have to be a whole business. As an alternative to buying shares in large companies, some people like to choose a specific business that is smaller to invest in. They might do this through crowdfunding, peer to peer lending or dealing directly with the business. Alternatively they might decide that they want to start their own business and invest in that. Both of these can be risky because you are putting all of your faith in one business succeeding.

Invest in Yourself
Another alternative is to invest in yourself. This could be paying for a course to improve yourself and make yourself more employable or just improved as a person. The return on this is variable and could include improved skills and improved qualifications which could lead to a better job in the future. You could also find the course a lot of fun, meet new friends and things like that and so there are many possible benefits.