There are lots of ways to make money and if you have a lump sum, then you may think that investing is your only choice. However, if you are concerned about risk, you may feel that you do not want to invest or perhaps you just do not think that you know enough about it. It may be that you do not have the money available to invest.

Conventionally most people go to work to earn money or they draw benefits if they are not able to work. If you happen to have a lump sum of money or a regular income available then you may invest so that you can either have money for the future or an additional income now. However, there are less conventional ways that you can make money, either by earning it or by making the money you have work harder for you.

If you have time and quite fancy making some extra money then there are lots of things you can try and many have no or very little start-up costs. If you do need to raise some money to finance an idea that you have, then see whether you have any things with you that you can sell. Think about clothes, kitchen items, accessories, jewellery, furniture or if you have children they will have things they no longer play with or have grown out of. If you are selling your own things, you do not have to pay tax on any income and you can do a garage sale, car boot sale or jumble sale or you can sell online on an auction site or on a social media page. There are lots of easy ways that you can sell things and then you will have a lump sum of money as well as some space in your home.

If you enjoy selling things, you could start a business where you buy things to sell. This income will have to be declared as you are not selling things that were used by you. There are all sorts of things you could try, but it is wise to research first. You may be paying a lot of money out in stock, so you need to be sure that you will be able to sell it at a profit. Take a look at your competition and see whether there are many others doing the same thing and whether they seem to be successful. Think about whether you think that there is a gap in the market for you or whether you think that you will be better off trying something else. You could alternatively try to sell a service, something you are good at or do some freelance work perhaps related to your job or something a bit different.

If you do have some spare money it could be worth thinking about uses for it which could help you be better off. You could pay off your debts, for example to save you having to pay so much out in interest. You could buy some solar panels and save money on heating or buy your home and save money on rent. There are many things that you could try.