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Finding a “real” job these days is tough. In fact, if the recent jobs report is any indication, it’s getting harder and harder – so hard that 400,000 young adults simply stopped looking last month.

But you don’t need to head out to an office and work in a cubicle farm to make money – you can do it from home. In fact, there are a number of jobs out there that you can do without even having to leave your bed!

Here are just a few examples of these amazing – and totally scam-free – opportunities.

Freelance writer. With a laptop, an internet connection, and profiles on freelancer-friendly sites like Guru, Elance, oDesk, Freelancer, and others, you can literally do your job while hanging out in bed all day. You’ll search for work and respond to clients via the freelance sites and email, and you can type all of your work up in Word documents. Heck, you can even invoice and get paid without leaving your bed with the aforementioned freelancer sites and things like PayPal.

Freelance artists, graphic designers, and so on. Obviously, working from your computer isn’t limited to freelance writing. You can do all sorts of technical jobs with a top-of-the-line laptop and any needed programs. Just hope your internet connection doesn’t go down!

eBay seller. Okay, okay, technically you’re going to have to get up when you have to finally ship the items, but for the most part, this job is completely hands off. Not only can you do it from bed, you can largely leave it alone after posting since people will continue to bid for the allotted time without you doing anything.

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Investor. It takes money to make money, right? Well, if you’ve got some cold hard cash saved up, try investing it. Even though the “real” economy isn’t doing so great right now, the stock market is just fine, thank you very much. Create a portfolio and watch the money pile up.

Landlord. Own your own property? Why not rent it out – or at least a room or two – to help make ends meet. It’s called passive income since you’re not actually doing any work to make the money – similar to investing. You can put an ad up on Craigslist, get a few tenants and sit back and relax as you collect the rent every month. You will probably want to get out of bed when you’re actually interviewing prospective tenants, though.

eBook writer. Sure, you might not become the next Amanda Hocking or John Locke and make a million dollars, but the thing about putting out a book – any kind of book – is that after you write it over that first month or year, you can make money from it forever. The downside is that you (arguably) have to be able to write well and you (definitely) need to be an amazing self-promoter in order to get people to find your book and buy it in what’s already a ridiculously crowded market.

Gold farmers and Grinders. Wait, what? Though it’s technically against the rules of most MMORPG games, there are players out there who are willing to pay people to level up their characters by spending time “grinding” against enemies. And some people even spend all of their time collecting in-game gold so that they can sell it for real money.

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