Image courtesy of Alice Harold
Image courtesy of Alice Harold

As Christmas approaches many of us will start to worry about how much we will be spending and how we will be able to afford it. There are ways though that you can make a bit of quick cash, which could help towards the cost of it. Below are a few ideas that you might be able to try.

Selling things that you already have is a good way to get some money. Take a look through things you have and see whether there is anything you could make money from that you do not use. You can easily sell on online auction sites, social media groups or even take a stall at a jumble sale. It could be possible to make quite a bit of money this way if you have a lot of things that you are willing to part with.

You could look online for ways to earn money. You may find some freelance work that you could do to earn some or you could do surveys to earn some money or look for other opportunities. There are many genuine ways to earn money online but if they look too good to be true then they probably are. You will find that they will not pay a high rate, but you could still find that you will be able to put the hours in and earn some money which will help you out.

You may find that there are other jobs that you can do to earn extra money. Many retailers, for example, are looking for extra help in the Christmas period. You might be able to pick up some shifts working for them. If you already work full time you may be able to do some evening or weekend work to pick up extra money, but do make sure you get put on the right tax code as working two jobs can mean you are taxed too much.

See if your employer has extra work.  It can be wise to just ask whether there is any overtime available for you to do. You could find that you will be able to do some extra work and this will allow you to have some more pay before Christmas or perhaps in January when money tends to be short as well.

Look in your local paper to see whether there are any jobs going that might pay you some extra money. You may find that there are some people that need workers just for a short term. You could also look online and ask around on social media. Another way to find jobs is temping agencies. They may have odd days of work, which could suit you if you are not working full time. They may even have weekend or evening shifts that you could take on alongside your job.

It could even be wise to ask for a pay rise if you are working already. Although many people have not had a rise for a long time and companies are tending to struggle it is worth asking. You may find that there is an opportunity to move in the company and earn more or you may be rewarded with a rise when you ask. It is worth finding out.