Image courtesy of Tim Greenfield

If you have items around the house that you would like to get rid of, then it is wise not to just throw them away. If they are broken or dirty or items that will be of use to anyone, then do throw them away, but otherwise it is good to see whether you can do something else with them. Some people choose to donate them to a charity shop or put them in a charity sale and this is very thoughtful and useful. However, you may feel that you would rather make some money yourself from them and then you can choose to donate some of that money to a charity, should you wish to or you may need the money for yourself.

If you so decide to sell then there are a lot of different options and these will tend to give you different amounts of money. Obviously all items have a different value and these will differ depending on demand for that item and what condition they are in. However, where you sell them will make a difference as well, as some places tend to always attract more money than others.

If you sell the items separately you are likely to make more money on those that are worth more, but the cheaper items may be better sold together in a batch. If you choose to sell online, you can list items in a group or as individual items or a mixture. You need to bear in mind with online sales that postage and packaging ill need to be paid for and you may need to incorporate this into your costs. If you batch everything together the postage will be more and people may not be prepared to pay postage for items which they do not want. You can offer free postage but you will need to incorporate the cost of this into your asking price so that you know you will be making enough money to cover it.

It is worth comparing different selling venues to see how much the costs will be, as it is no good getting a better sale price if you have to pay it all out in costs. You will see that there are auction websites, social media sites and classified sites where you will be able to sell your items. What you can choose from will depend on your location, the types of items you are selling and whether you want to post out an item or just sell locally so people can collect it.

Of course, you do not have to sell online. You may also be able to sell at local table top sales, car boot sales, in the local paper or in local second hand or vintage shops. Car boot sales and table top sales tend to be cheap to sell at but buyers will also expect bargain prices. You may get more money asking a second hand shop owner to make you an offer, but it is worth researching and finding out. Ask them what they are prepared to offer and see whether it is an amount that you are happy with.