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The trick with every home is to make the best possible use of every space – inside and out. Many people know some nifty space saving tips for small rooms around the house, but what about outdoor spaces such as patios and back yards? Here’s some suggestions to help you to make the most of your small outdoor spaces…


Use Your Shape Wisely

If your outside space is the right shape to be divided into sections, then make the most out of it by creating small distinct areas. Leave space for for socializing and position some comfortable chairs for lounging and you’ll have a simple-but-effective outdoor area to entertain friends.Parents may want to earmark a small corner for their children – maybe you’ve got a space just big enough for some child’s outdoor furniture? You don’t need a massive area for these items – you just need to use your space effectively and to prioritise.


Cut Down On the Plants

If you want to use your outdoor space primarily for outdoor relaxation in the summer, then cut down on the plants. Keep the low-maintenance ones so that you don’t have to water them every single time and don’t plant anything that’s going to grow quickly and take over.


Make It Look Like an Extension of Your Home

If a part of your house is too small, you can always extend it to your outdoor area to save some space in your interior. If you’ve got a distinct colour scheme them you could continue this outside. There’s no need to consider outside and inside as two completely separate spaces if you don’t want to.

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Get rid of stuff that would make your outdoor space seem smaller than it is. Some ornaments can just take up valuable space and, if you are restricted by size then don’t waste it. Build a cheap shed so that you can hide some of the clutter and give yourself some storage space that will allow you to move items out of your house.


Use Small-Scale Furniture

If you’re going to add some furniture on your outdoor area, be sure that it’s small enough to work with the space. Maybe even consider items that can fold away. Big furniture will only make your space look cramped and smaller than it is. Add a small table that can also be used as a storage area to save extra space.


These are just some things you should about if you want to maximize the outdoor space that you have. It’s possible to live elegantly and stylishly even if you have a small space, all you have to do is be smart about it. Consider these different tips and see what works for you. Form and function are two of the most important words when designing and decorating your home, and it’s pretty much the same when it comes to your outdoor space.


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