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Who said that having your own law practice would be the best move you ever made? Of course, it was, but running your practice in an efficient manner can take you away from clients and cases. If you need tips on how to make your law practice more efficient, and invariably increase profitability in the process, and then look no further.

For years lawyers have buried themselves in cases, making their clients the most important thing in their day to day business. However, in the interests of making clients feel like the most valued individual in the world, running a practice can be difficult and ensuring its efficiency can be time consuming.

True effectiveness within a law firm starts with doing the right things. This seems fairly commonsensical in theory, but think about the overall efficiency of your practice? Could it be run better? Could you spend less time concerned with admin? How could you make your practice more efficient? Can you simplify your own processes?

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If your workload has increased, thus resulting in an increase, in pressure, then you may need some help on how to make your practice much more efficient workplace. The key is to ‘do things right.’

If you want some sound advice regarding efficiency within your practice, one of the key things you need to look at is process improvements. By improving the processes in which you work with, you can reduce costs and maximise profits directly derived from your revenue. If you charge by the hour, then this may result in some losses with clients, but processes directly relating to managing your time and workload should be seriously considered when revising a process management issues that may be prevalent within the office.

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Similarly, you do not want to cut corners where processes mainly relating to clients. Clients always want to know what they are getting for their money, and rightly so. So, put yourself in the clients shoes. Thinking like a client is very much the key here. If you think like a client, you will find yourself not cutting corners within your practice that will directly affect them. After all, they are the bread and butter. They pay your bills. This invaluable skill will ensure that you put the client first, every time.

As a starting point, look at the way that you work. Is it effective? Are you working in a timely manner? Are there any improvements that you could make? Being self critical is crucial. Of course, we all think that we are perfect, but evaluate yourself and your working methods. Make a list of what could be done better. This not only allows you to see where you could be doing better, but it also always you to be a better lawyer. Identifying flaws, or a lack of progress, is perfect for career and professional development. By enhancing your own ability to be profitable, this directly results in your own professional development.

So, we have identified potential issues within your practice. What next? Embrace technology. While embracing technology may not be your idea of being more efficient, think about how technology has improved our personal lives, and made them more efficient. Adopt this approach within your practice.

If you are phased by introducing new technology into the practice, the best way to view them are as simple tools. You need to learn how the tools work, what their purpose is and how to utilise them into your practice. Of course, if you do not learn how to use your ‘tools’ your work load will not be efficiently organised. You will need to learn how to utilise them into your business. The effective use of technology within your business is critical in order to increase efficiency.

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It is necessary that you keep up to date with the latest technology and software. Always upgrade and stay up to date with the latest hardware and software that you will increase productivity and efficiency. Think about the following points:

Your current kit is not able to use more current versions of software.

Your older equipment is slowing down your ability to get work done quickly and efficiently. You spend too much time berating the system than working on client matters thus taking you away from all important cases

Your software is no longer going to be maintained as it is out of date

It is tricky to find workers who use the software or training is no longer on hand.

Clients and others have difficulty sending you the relevantly required information.

You spend more money paying to have something fixed than it would cost to restore it.

If you have answered yes to any of the above points, then it is time to invest in new software as soon as possible.

So, hands up if you want something to make your law practice more efficient, resulting in less administrative work and more time to focus on practising law? We thought as much. Have you considered PC Law software? If the burden of the day to day admin is dragging you down, and taking you away from your clients, it seems highly probable that you need to invest in software that can ease this particular burden.

PC Law software is the solution for you. Visit the website and take a look for yourself. It helps you manage your practice in a much timelier manner, all from one solution. Take a look at these benefits:

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Track time


Calendar appointments and tasks

Bill and collect payment from clients

Pay vendors

Reconcile bank statements

Manage trust accounts

Do remember that any software purchases will need to be maintained, but your vendor will provide information on any maintenance issues that you may be facing. Tech problems are common so do ensure that you are willing to face any problems head on. Of course, the solution is much more efficient than any of the other processes that are currently in place. With this in mind, remember to invest in key equipment. Think about the losses that can be made by not having effective software in place. PC Law can help you manage your workload and decrease losses.

Investing in modern technology and software will save your bacon on numerous occasions as well as resulting in increased efficiency. Increased efficiency will line your pockets.


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